Contoh Kalimat Asking And Giving Opinion

1. contoh kalimat asking and giving opinion

2.attention please
questionary: what's your name?
where's your parents?
opinion: i think, that would be better if you accept it
i suggest you to congratulation him now

2. contoh kalimat asking and giving opinion​



Formal: Do you have any idea? Do you have an opinion on..? Would you give me your opinion on..? What ia your reaction to...? InformalWhat do you think of...? What do you think about...? What is your opinion?


FormalI personally believe.. I personally consider.. It is my opinion that... My own view of the matter is.. InformalI think I like itI don't think I care for itI think it's good/nice/terrifying

semoga membantu


*Asking Opinion=

- What's your opinion about...

-Do you have any opinion on...

-What do you think?

-How about you?

-Anybody has another opinion?

-What's your reaction to that?

*Giving Opinion=

-In my opinion...

-Well, i think...

-Yes, I have opinion

-I think i like it

-I think that...

-I personally think/feel...

3. apa pengertian dari asking and giving opinion? sebutkan contoh dari asking and giving opinion! 

asking and giving opinion artinya menanyakan dan memberi pendapat.
asking opinion : What do you think about this food?
giving opinion : I think this food is really delicious
(nama temanmu) do you know what is this .  temanmu: yes, its banana . kamu what is your opinion about my banana ?? temanmu: my opinion is tasty, rich of vitamin and very good to your body makes you very healthy. kamu thank you very much (nama temanmu). temanmu: my pleasure, its alright atau kata yang lain    *note: example banana

4. contoh percakapan dengan menggunakan ASKING and GIVING FACT, ASKING and GIVING OPINION!

A : what is your opinion about our school??
B : in my opinion our school is clean and beautiful

5. contoh asking and giving opinion

Asking for opinion :
1. What do you think about ..... ?
2. What's your opinion ?
3. Do you think it's suit for me ?
4. What will be happen ..... ?
5. Do you think it's great ?

Giving opinion :

1. I think that's good
2. I guess you can do that
3. In my opinion ....
4. It seems good
5. I think you will be win
Asking Opinion in English
What do you think of …....?
What are your views?
What is your opinion?
Is it right what I’ve done?
What about ….....?
How about ….....?
What is your opinion?
What do you think of...?
How do you feel about…?
How do you see …

6. Buatlah contoh kalimat asking and giving opinion!

Lidya : Diana, what's your opinion of Shawn Mendes contest in Jakarta 3 weeks ago?

Diana : Well, if you ask me since I came to the contest, I'm so happy because Shawn Mendes gave me his signature


Cuman contoh ya :v

Kalimat Asking:

Excuse me,where is the hospital?

Kalimat opinion:

I think that you should study harder.

Sorry kalo salah

7. contoh kalimat asking opinion dan giving opinion

asking opinon :
What do you think about my hair?
giving opinion:
I think your hair looks much better push over to one side

8. contoh asking and giving opinion

Asking for help

A: Can You Help me?

B: Sure

C: Thanks

Giving Opinion:

A: Hey, You look pretty

B: But my brother say I am ugly

A: No you not, you're look so pretty

B: Thanks :)

Asking for help:
A: Hi Mr, Could you help me?
B: what can i do for you?
A: where is the house of Mr. King?
B: The house of Mr. King in front of Indomaret, number 26.
A. Thank you.

Giving an opinion:
A: What do you think about this dress? Is this suitable for me?
B: so nice! Your nice body make this dress perfect for you!
A: Thank you.

Maaf kalo salah grammar.

9. contoh dari asking and giving opinion?

asking = what do you think about it?
giving = i think so, i don't think so, i think that's a good idea, it's brillian, marvelous, what an amazing beach
A : "what do you think of my new hair?"
B : "in my opinion, thats so cute. nice"

A : "what do you think of that rules in this school?"
B : "I think, this rules is not bad, it can teach the student"

Pokoknya kayak gitulah, cuma masih ada contoh lain sih, tinggal di ubah aja kata2 nya

10. contoh kalimat asking and giving opinion beserta responnya

I asking your answear
Maaf jika salah
Semoga benar

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